Sonic Youth to reissue ‘Bad Moon Rising’

Re-release will feature bonus tracks

Sonic Youth are to re-release their 1985 album ‘Bad Moon Rising’.

The record – Sonic Youth’s second studio effort – will be reissued on April 14 via the band’s own label. As pointed out by Pitchfork, the two-disc set will be available on vinyl and CD, and will include bonus tracks ‘Satan Is Boring’, ‘Echo Canyon’, plus both songs from the band’s 1986’s ‘Flower’/’Halloween’ single.

‘Bad Moon Rising’ is the band’s latest reissue of pre-Geffen material following last year’s reissues of ‘Daydream Nation’ and Ciccone Youth’s ‘The Whitey Album’. New editions of ‘Confusion Is Sex’, ‘EVOL’ and ‘Sister’ are all expected to follow.

Sonic Youth are currently on indefinite hiatus. In an interview with The Guardian last year, frontman Thurston Moore discussed the media’s coverage of his divorce from former bandmate Kim Gordon, stating that while the group’s demise was due to their marital split, the intrusive nature of the subsequent reporting – specifically by online outlets – has been “embarrassing” for the musician.

“The suspension of the band was enforced by our marriage dissolving,” he said. “There are very few bands where people work together and live together. Nothing about it was pretty. At all. It’s really intense and heavy on both sides.”

He added: “I’m in an alternative experimental rock band, for God’s sake. Big fucking deal. it’s embarrassing… It’s humiliating.”