Sonic Youth set to release compilation via Starbucks

Indie legends are coming to the coffee-drinking masses

Sonic Youth are readying a compilation album, which will be sold at Starbucks coffee shops across the US.

Speaking to Pitchfork recently, Thurston Moore revealed that plans were afoot to record a new song for the release, and recently confirmed the news to Billboard.

The album entitled ‘Hits Are For Squares’ will be sold early 2008 in just eight US cities, and will be available online at

The release will be made up of songs chosen by celebrity fans of Sonic Youth including Dave Eggers and actresses Chloe Sevigny and Michelle Williams. They will also contribute to the sleeve notes on the album, explaining their choice of song.

Speaking to Billboard, Moore defended the band’s decision to release the album through Starbucks/Universal saying:

“I guess, for some, Sonic Youth represents something that they don’t really equate with Starbucks. But I kind of like the absurdity of it. Sonic Youth has always, in a way, made itself available to the super mainstream.”

–By our New York staff.

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