Curators Sonic Youth call the first American version of the indie festival off "in lieu of the events of the 11th and the current volatile world climate"...

The first ever US based ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES festival, set for LOS ANGELES between October 19-21, has been postponed, the latest event to fall victim to the September 11 terrorist strikes.

The event was to have been curated by Sonic Youth and would have taken place at the University Of California. A statement from Sonic Youth says: “In lieu of the events of the 11th and the present volatile world climate, we have postponed ATP until early 2002. Stay tuned for more details.” The band were set to perform alongside acts such as Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Stereolab, Television, and ex-Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus.

In a further posting on their official website,, the band reveal how the strikes have affected them personally. Their studio, Echo Canyon, is several streets from the now-destroyed World Trade Center and within an area still cordoned off by authorities.

“None of the band members were hurt in the catastrophe of 9/11. Lee [Ranaldo] and his family and Jim [O’Rourke] were in the area at the time but escaped unharmed. The condition of the studio is unknown at this point, as the area close to the disaster remains off-limits. Hopefully later this week it will be possible to visit the building. Major damage seems unlikely; reports have said that the street sustained little damage, though an engine from one of the planes supposedly landed almost in front of our door.”

On their return to the studio, Sonic Youth will recommence work on both their new album, work that was started in August, and also on the soundtrack of a French film ‘Demonlover’. A link to hear an MP3 of new track ‘Plastic Sun’ is provided on the site.

Sonic Youth will be joined by Television guitarist Tom Verlaine in a benefit show for those affected by the terrorist strikes on October 7. More details will be revealed in the next couple of days.