Frontman Thurston Moore says "DVDs are where it's at"...

SONIC YOUTH have started work on a new album, but founder member THURSTON MOORE has said the group really want to work on film.

Speaking to VH-1, Moore said that the group have started work on a new record in between scoring music for the French film ‘Demonlover’.

Speaking about the follow-up to last year’s ‘NYC Ghosts & Flowers’ album, Moore said: “It’s pretty much where we’ve always been at in a way – that sort of grand, American tradition but infusing it with complete and utter noise anarchy, a la Whitehouse. We’re balancing those two concepts.”

However, in addition to writing scores, the group would like to move into film.

He continued: “We basically want to make movies – get away from this record-making business. DVDs are where it’s at. I’d really like to do more visual work with our music and have it exist in the same medium. We’d like to actually create DVD as product, where it is full-on musical scoring, full-on song scoring and film and other visual media existing with it … We’re pretty serious about trying to look at that as something to do as a band.”

Sonic Youth‘s last UK appearance was as part of the Meltdown Festival at London’s Royal Festival Hall in June.