Sons And Daughters rope in Bernard Butler for new album

The ex-Suede man is producing the LP

Sons & Daughters have been recording their third album with ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler in London.

The Domino-signed band, who had originally intended to release the follow-up to 2005’s ‘The Repulsion Box’ in 2006, now hope to have the Butler-produced effort out by the end of this summer.

Bernard was a weird choice,” admitted Sons & Daughters vocalist Scott Paterson, “because I was a big fan of his playing on the first Suede record, and I learned to play guitar along to people like him and Johnny Marr. He really knows his stuff in the studio and he’s a great musician as well. He’s definitely given a lot more feedback on the songs – it’s like working with an old-school producer in the Phil Spector sense, where they take stuff and advise on direction or arrangements.”

Of the so-far untitled album itself, Paterson said: “It’s been a really long gap (since the last album), we’ve had the last year to write and try lots of different things. Some of them have worked and some of them haven’t. At the first proper demo session in London earlier this year we recorded about five songs, and we’re going back down (to London) every month to record in little bits and pieces, rather than doing it the normal way of going into the studio for a month or whatever.

“Last year we thought we would try and get (the record) out for last summer, but it never happened. It would have been a really shit record if we’d rushed it at the time.

Paterson stated: “It’s sounding quite different to our usual style now, though, I don’t think it’s going to be quite what people are expecting. That’s cool, that’s what we want.”

The record is due out later this year.

Butler also recently produced another Glasgow outfit 1990s debut album ‘Cookies’.