SOPHIE announces debut album ‘Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides’

The anticipated debut is on the way...

SOPHIE has announced details of her debut album.

The ‘Lemonade’ singer confirmed to Crack Magazine that she’ll release ‘Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides’ later this year, although a release date is yet to be specified.

Last month, she also released ‘Faceshopping’, one of the first tracks to be taken from the record. Check it out below.


After releasing acclaimed single ‘Nothing More to Say’ in 2013, SOPHIE also established herself as a respected producer – working with the likes of Madonna and Vince Staples.

In 2016, she was the sole producer on Charli XCX’s ‘Vroom Vroom’ EP.

Discussing her work with Charli, she told CRACK: “We work so fast together.

“When I’ve been in the studio with Charli it’s so powerful, what she does and the way she feels music… it’s just so aggressive and raw. And I think I can try and match her as a producer as well. We’ll do three or four songs in a few hours and we’ll be like, ‘next one, next one…’ It’s so invigorating.”