The star says "a modern female duet would be good" during a webchat with NME.COM...

SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR has revealed that she would like to work on a duet with BJORK.

Speaking to NME.COM users during a webchat late yesterday (August 13), the singer, vying for a top chart placing this Sunday (August 19) with new single ‘Take Me Home’, explained that she was looking forward to Bjork‘s new album ‘Vespertine’. “I’d like to do a song with her one day,” she said. “A really good modern female duet would be good, I can’t really think of a good female duet… might be good to revive that,” she added.

Ellis-Bextor also revealed that Elvis Costello is the artist she would most like to write a song for her. “I think he’s very good with melody and words, he’s one of my favourite male singers. If I could cover any of his songs I think I’d do ‘I Want You’,” she said.


The singer also angrily defended her choice of ‘Take Me Home’, a cover of an old Cher song, as her first single proper.

“I would say that I have never heard the original,” she insisted, “and after my time with Spiller I liked the idea of approaching a song like a DJ, so I took a sample of an old song and intercut it with my stuff. And I’m very happy that they let me do it. I think if you bring something new to something, with covers, that’s ok, but it’s a bit crass and a bit safe to take something that’s already a big hit and cover that. The Cher song wasn’t even released in this country.”