Sorority Noise issue statement over sexual assault accusations

An allegation against frontman Cameron Boucher was made last year

Sorority Noise have issued a new statement over sexual assault accusations made against frontman Cameron Boucher in April 2018.

Boucher was the focus of a now-deleted Facebook post by One Hundred Year Ocean’s Nicole Schoenholz, in which she wrote: “Fuck SN and OG because CB is a fucking scumbag who raped a friend of mine.” The initials OG refer to Boucher’s other band, Old Gray.

Though the Facebook post only referred to the musician by his initials, a Reddit user who claimed to be Schoenholz used his first name in a post on a thread about the allegations. “My friend stayed the night with Cam while he was in college and she woke up to Cam fucking her while she was asleep,” they wrote. “This isn’t a unique situation or one off ‘missed step’.”


Boucher responded to the initial allegations, writing: “I would like to firmly state that her accusations are false.” Sorority Noise later cancelled their shows with The Wonder Years.

Sorority Noise new statement sexual assault
Sorority Noise

Now, Boucher has released another statement on the band’s social media accounts. He states that he has had a “positive and constructive conversation with a person who, eight months ago, was pressured into making a statement about me online.”

“This conversation was important to both of us, and I’m grateful we were able to speak on our experiences and what we could do positively going forward,” he continued.

“We felt this note, which has been approved both by myself and the other person involved, was a step in the right direction. Although we are each valid in our own experiences, we agree that anything that did occur between us was not purposeful or malicious. This person has made peace with a situation they would not have shared publicly under other circumstances.

“I have been in intensive therapy for the past eight months and over that time I’ve been working towards growth, being mindful, and moving forward. I appreciate your reading of this note, be well,” he concluded. You can see the statement below.


The other day I had a positive and constructive conversation with a person who, eight months ago, was pressured into…

Posted by Sorority Noise on Sunday, December 30, 2018

There is currently no news about Sorority Noise’s hiatus.