Soulja Boy accused of assaulting woman in new lawsuit

Court papers have reportedly been filed in LA

Soulja Boy has been accused of assault in a lawsuit, according to new reports.

As reported in The Blast, the legal papers filed in relation to the case see an unidentified woman claim that the rapper beat her over the head. She also alleges that she was forced to perform oral sex on one of Soulja Boy’s associates.

The documents, reportedly seen by The Blast and filed in Los Angeles’ Superior Court, allege that in February 2019, Soulja Boy – real name DeAndre Cortez Way – “approached yelling profanities and kicked her, stomped her on the stomach and bashed her head with a large gun.”

The woman, who also claims she and Way had an on and off romantic relationship for 4 years, alleges the incident then escalated when the rapper “led the gun to her head and told her she was going to die that night and would not make it home.” The woman claimed that she was “hurt so badly that she had trouble breathing.”

Soulja Boy
Soulja Boy. Credit: Getty

Further in the court documents, the woman alleges that Way then “instructed his assistant, to take her in the garage and tie her up with duct tape.”

From here, the woman claims she was tied up for several hours until one males inside the home agreed to “let her go if she performed oral sex on him.” She added that she “felt she [had] no choice but to perform oral sex on him in order to escape the garage.”

The woman is now suing Way for assault and battery, false imprisonment and sexual battery.

The incident is alleged to have occurred a month before the rapper was arrested for violating his probation when police found ammunition in the 28-year-old’s home last year.

However, these items were banned as part of his probation relating to a past offence. Way was found guilty of possessing the ammunition and was initially sentenced to eight months in prison.

He was eventually released from prison after serving three months of the sentence.