Mike Patton and Jason Pierce for new Soulsavers album

Mark Lanegan and Richard Hawley also contribute to new record

Spiritualized‘s Jason Pierce, Mike Patton of Faith No More, Richard Hawley and Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers have all been enlisted for the third album from Soulsavers aka Brit production duo Rich Machin and Ian Glover.

Main vocal duties on the album, entitled ‘Broken’, were be performed by former Screaming Trees man Mark Lanegan, as they were for the 2007 Soulsavers album ‘It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s The Way You Land’. Lanegan co-wrote most of the new album.

On the album Pierce duets with former Lanegan on ‘Pharaoh’s Chariot’, while Hawley provides backing vocals on ‘Shadows Fall’.


Patton appears on ‘Unbalanced Pieces’ and Haynes on ‘Death Bells’.

Preceding the album release a seven-inch single, ‘Sunrise’, written by Lanegan and sung by Will Oldham, aka Bonnie Prince Billy, will be released.

The B-side will see Lanegan singing Oldham‘s song ‘You Will Miss Me When I Burn’. A release date for the single has not be confirmed.