Soulwax wash away the rain with triumphant Bestival set

It's a very welcome vision of the future...

Soulwax have triumphed at Bestival with a stunning set that provided the vital boost of energy that the festival had been lacking on its final day.

Before the electro icons take to the stage, the conclusion to Bestival has been marred by heavy rain and high winds that threatened to bring the whole festival to a premature conclusion.

But from the moment their set begins, the Belgian pioneers tear through an hour-long show that proves to be the most ambitious and visually impressive of the entire weekend.

Recent single ‘Do You Want To Get Into Trouble?’ acts as the perfect opener, with singer Stephen Dewaele bringing the energy to a crowd that are burnt out from a weekend of battling through unrelenting mud.

Soulwax’s trademark live set-up is also unlike anything else that the festival has seen this weekend, with the band’s persil-white lab coats and shirts providing a futuristic edge that is backed up by a stunning light show.

Late on, the robot from the artwork of recent album ‘From Deewee’ also rises behind the band in a sea of smoke and lasers which, against all odds, prompts one hearty soul in the crowd to lower his trousers as he’s lifted up on a friend’s shoulders.

You wouldn’t expect anything less from a Soulwax show, and it’s all brought to a close with an incendiary rendition of ‘NY Excuse’, which is met with the biggest reaction of the entire set.

It’s the futuristic vision that we so desperately needed to wash away the mud and boost our energy for the final time this weekend.