Soundgarden play first UK show in 15 years at Download 2012

The grunge legends help wrap up the tenth annual festival

Soundgarden played to a packed Donington Park tonight (June 10) as the metal fest celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The band opened ‘Spoonman’, playing in front of a huge banner bearing a black triangle surrounded by numerous black swirls. They continued with ‘Let Me Drown’ and ‘Gun’ as the sun broke through the clouds.

“Thanks for having us Download,” Chris Cornell declared, “it’s our first show in the UK for 15 years.”


He also added to the weekend’s tributes to Sunday night’s headliners, telling of how he bought Black Sabbath‘s ‘Paranoid’ aged 12.

The band drew on tracks from across their career, with ‘Fell On Black Days’ and ‘Black Hole Sun’ proving particular hits.

For Chris Cox, 29, from Reading it was a bit of a let down. “Don’t get me wrong,” he said, “but I was hoping for more from ‘Superunknown’ and ‘Down On The Upside’, and in general a bit more energy. Still top notch though, and I’ve had 17 beers so it’s all good.”

Soundgarden played:

‘Let Me Drown’
‘Jesus Christ Pose’
‘Drawing Flies’
‘Hunted Down’
‘Ugly Truth’
‘Fell On Black Days’
‘My Wave’
‘The Day I Tried To Live’
‘Rusty Cage’
‘Black Hole Sun’
‘Beyond The Wheel’


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