Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell: ‘I can’t read or write music’

Frontman says he wishes he'd stuck with piano lessons at an early age

Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell has revealed that he can’t read or write music.

The singer admitted he regrets not persisting with piano lessons at an early age which would have taught him everything he needs to know. He blamed a “mean” teacher for putting him off.

He said: “I learned to read music when I was 10 and did piano and took lessons. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have any direction. It just felt like school. It was another subject, another course. I had kind of a mean piano teacher.

“I picked it up very fast and I learned to read music very fast, but I don’t now at all.”

The singer said he attempted to take up lessons later in his life but he found it extremely difficult.

He told

I think in my early 30s, I attempted to take lessons to read music again. I thought well, it’s in there so it should be easy to pick back up again. But it was so not.

But Cornell said the fact he can’t read or write music hasn’t hindered him in any way to becoming a successful singer and songwriter, and he can still explain his ideas to people.