Soundgarden say they could make a new album

Guitarist Kim Thayil says band have been working on new material

Soundgarden could extend their reunion to record a new album, guitarist Kim Thayil has hinted.

The Seattle rockers, who headlined Lollapalooza in Chicago last summer, reunited in April this year after breaking up in 1998.

In an interview with Canadian radio station CFNY-FM, Thayil said that the band have been demoing ideas for new songs.


“When we get together to rehearse it’s natural for us… to start jamming and inventing,” Thayil said. “We’ve come up with instrumental, and certainly on occasion, lyrical ideas. I’m not confirming anything, but it’s impossible for us to get in a room and not come up with ideas.”

Thayil also said that the band are readying a B-sides collection and live album to go alongside their recently-released CD/DVD retrospective set ‘Telephantasm’.

“We had a live album in the can just waiting for someone to mix it,” he said. “We wanted to do a B-side album and that might be two or three albums. We’ll be doing other shows and working on releasing some albums from deeper in our catalogue.”

Thayil added that the rest of Soundgarden have other projects to finish before they can return to the band full-time. “The guys have other commitments,” he said, “but this is the thing we’re most excited about.”

Since the band’s break-up, singer Chris Cornell has performed with Audioslave and released three solo albums, drummer Matt Cameron has become part of Pearl Jam and bassist Ben Shepherd has been a member of Mark Lanegan‘s live band.