Soundgarden’s new album will feature ‘updated old material’

Reformed US band are working on first studio album in 15 years

Soundgarden‘s forthcoming new album is set to feature updated versions of “super-old” material.

The grunge band, who reunited in January 2010 after a 12-year break, said that recent sessions have left them with 12-14 songs that are “kind of ready to go”.

Speaking to, drummer Matt Cameron said that although the material is “90 per cent new”, the rest could be made up of updated old ideas.


“We’ve tried to update the super-old stuff. It doesn’t sound too old and dusty and crusty to my ears – but maybe to someone else it will,” he said.

“There’s a little bit of evolution going on with some of this new music, but we’re not straying too far from the formula. It has all our signature elements – and more. I think people are going to really love it,” Cameron added.

Last month, the Seattle band posted on their official website,, to confirm that they were working on a new album – their first since 1996’s ‘Down On The Upside’.

Soundgarden are due to release a live album, ‘Live on I5’, on March 21.