Soundgarden demand proof of masters being destroyed in 2008 Universal fire

They lost the masters in a massive warehouse fire at Universal Studios.

Lawyers representing Soundgarden have reportedly demanded proof that the band’s original masters were lost in a massive warehouse fire at Universal Studios in Hollywood.

More than 100 other artists including Nirvana, R.E.M., Hole, Beck, Janet Jackson and Nine Inch Nails were among those whose master tapes were destroyed in the June 1 2008 blaze.

Other artists included Beck, Blink-182, Weezer, Gwen Stefani, Limp Bizkit, Meat Loaf and Jimmy Eat World.


Now, lawyers for Soundgarden are demanding that Universal Music Group hands over key evidence it claims to have in its possession which is related to the 2008 Universal Studios fire.

As Billboard reports, they are also asking for UMG to hand over key information that shows which groups lost their original masters and whether or not they secured insurance money from the loss.

Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil with later singer Chris Cornell in concert

The attempt to secure evidence proving the loss comes after it transpired that masters from Hole, Tupac Shakur, Tom Petty and Steve Earle were not lost, as previously believed.

“This is a case that UMG wants to litigate with rhetoric in the media rather than on the merits in the courtroom,” Soundgarden’s legal counsel said. “UMG is refusing to produce any discovery.”

A spokesperson for UMG said in a statement: “The plaintiffs’ attorneys have entered desperation mode.


“Even after they learned that masters from four of their five clients were not lost — and that the one client for whom UMG did have masters affected by the fire actually had known of it years ago and then worked with UMG to successfully reissue a release from alternate high-quality sources — they continue to make ridiculous demands in an effort to recruit more clients to keep their meritless litigation alive. So now that it’s been established that the fire never affected the availability of their clients’ music nor impacted those clients’ compensation, what exactly is their motivation?”

Earlier this year, Soundgarden stated their desire to record a new album featuring demos from the late Chris Cornell.