South Korea to build new arena in Seoul just for K-pop

Construction of the new Seoul Arena is expected to be completed in 2025

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and South Korean internet giant Kakao have inked a deal to build a new arena dedicated to K-pop.

Yesterday (April 4), the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Kakao announced that they would be constructing a brand-new complex that will be dedicated to K-pop performances. According to The Korea Herald, the new complex, called Seoul Arena, will be constructed in Seoul’s northern Dobong-gu and is expected to be completed in October 2025.

The Seoul Arena will reportedly include a specialised music concert venue boasting state-of-the-art sound equipment, with a seating capacity of around 19,000 and a maximum capacity of 28,000 people for events with standing room.


The complex will also feature an additional, mid-sized concert venue with a maximum capacity of 7,000 people, alongside other commercial facilities. According to Pulse News, Kakao will be in charge of operating and maintaining the Seoul Arena for 30 years after it opens, while the venue will be owned by the city government.

While Kakao officials have described the project as South Korea’s “first and largest” arena dedicated to K-pop, entertainment giant CJ ENM also began construction on a similar project last October.

CJ ENM’s CJ LiveCity Arena, slated to open in 2024, is reportedly designed to accommodate 20,000 indoor attendees, with the capacity to extend to another 40,000 outdoors, per Variety. It is also said to be equipped with “the most powerful live performance infrastructure in the world”, including stage facilities, sound and lighting systems.

In recent years, Kakao has expanded its focus on the South Korean music and entertainment industry. Its mass media division, M Company, now oversees several major K-pop labels, including EDAM, Starship and IST Entertainment, which house stars like IU, MONSTA X and Apink.

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