And if that ain't disgusting enough for you you should hear the record...

South Park‘s Mr Hankey The Christmas Poo is having a stab at the festive season’s Number One slot with his eponymous debut single.

Released on December 13, it is the first track from the new South Park album, ‘Mr Hankey’s Christmas Classics’, out on December 6.

The LP, released through Columbia, features new tracks from all the characters in the TV cartoon series, including Cartman, Stan, Kenny and Chef.


Tracks cited for inclusion on the album are ‘Christmas In Hell’, ‘Merry Fucking Christmas’ and ‘Dead Dead Dead (Someday We’ll All Be)’, as well as the aforementioned ‘Mr Hankey The Christmas Poo’.

Last year’s South Park release, Chef‘s ‘Chocolate Salty Balls (PS I Love You)’ was the Number Two Christmas hit, and knocked the Spice Girls‘Goodbye’ off the top spot the week after.

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