Frontman Tommy Scott tells NME.COM that the band have left their record label, and that 'Love You More Than Football''s recordings have now been scrapped...

SPACE have advised fans to make live bootlegs of tracks from their aborted

third album, as it may be their only chance to hear them.

Speaking at their comeback show in Manchester on Saturday (July 7), the Liverpool band revealed that they had parted company from record company, Gut, and scrapped the third record that they had completed.


Singer Tommy Scott told NME.COM: “We did an album, and we like the songs but we decided that we want to move in a different direction, so we’re doing a whole new lot of songs.”

Asked if the songs from the ‘third’ album, which had been provisionally titled

‘Love You More Than Football’ were likely to ever see the light of day, Scott said: “The stuff we’re playing now is not the new-new stuff, it’s the new stuff, so we’re playing the third album which is never gonna be. So people should get the tapes out really and bootleg it, because it might never be heard.”

Of the ‘fourth’ Space album, Scott said: “We’re gonna try and do it in about a month. Get in there and do it, it’s done – three years and a month for two albums. I think we’ve lived with them songs that long, they just seem like normal songs to us. We just feel like we have to write something different. We feel like we can go in the studio this time and do it far quicker than we did the last time. We want to do this one ourselves. It really is gonna be more edgier, some of it’s a bit rockier and a bit weirder, if you can imagine us being weirder. I just want to get it out as soon as possible. But we’re in the middle of talking to new labels at the moment anyway, so we’re doing that ’cause we’re not on the old label anymore. We’re just deciding which one.”

At the show, the new tracks included a heavy pop song ‘Radio Hell’ and a ballad called ‘Fragile’, alongside older tracks such as ‘Neighbourhood’, ‘Female Of The Species’ and ‘Avenging Angels’.

Space were headlining the Keyfest live event at Manchester’s Castlefield Arena, staged by local radio station Key 103. The event was held in place of the annual D.Percussion and Water’s Edge festivals, which were scrapped this year due to a lack of funding. Also on the bill were local acts I Am Kloot, Gold Blade, The Clint Boon Experience! And Nylon Pylon, as well as Dodgy and pop act Allstars.


Space‘s last single for Gut, ‘Diary Of A Wimp’, was released in June last year, and was originally intended to precede ‘Love You More Than Football’.

When asked about the song, keyboardist Franny Griffith joked: “How did you hear about that?” The band’s last album, ‘Tin Planet’, was released in March 1998.

Gold Blade

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