A 16-track compilation of Liverpudlian rarities is set to feature a late-'80s La's track and a 1992 Space song...

Rare and unreleased tracks from LIVERPOOL bands, including THE LA’S and SPACE, are set to feature on an upcoming compilation ‘UNEARTHED: LIVERPOOL CULT CLASSICS 1’.

Due out on March 5, the 16-track album features the unreleased late-’80s track ‘Don’t Lock Me Out’ by The La’s and 1992’s ‘Gone To Pieces’ by Space, which features Lightning Seeds bassist Martyn Campbell on backing vocals. Also featured on the compilation are tracks by The Swans, It’s Immaterial and The Tambourines. In addition, Shack frontman Mick Head and Yorkie from Space crop up as guests on ‘Where I’ve Been’ from The Dance Party, recorded in 1980.

‘Unearthed’ is the sixth release on Liverpool’s Viper label, which was co-founded by ex-La’s and Lightning Seeds guitarist Paul Hemmings and ex-Lightning Seeds member Mike Badger. Previous releases on the label included ‘Arthur Lee Live’, and the ‘Lost La’s 1984-1986’.


The full track listing is:

The Wild Swans ‘Melting Blue Delicious’

The Chuddy Nuddies ‘Do the Chuds’

The Stairs ‘Skin Up Me Baby’

Barbel ‘One Thing’

Space ‘Gone To Pieces’


The La’s ‘Don’t Lock Me Out’

The Dance Party ‘Where I’ve Been’

The Balcon ‘A Cover Version’

The High Five ‘Working For The Man’

It’s Immaterial ‘New Moon’

St. Vitus Dance ‘The Silence’

A Shallow Madness ‘Straight Rain’

Magic Clock ‘Strawberry’

The Melotones ‘I Walked With a Bugs Bunny Bendy Toy’

Benny Profane ‘Skateboard to Oblivion’

The Tambourines ‘5 Miles Wide’