Spandau Ballet reveal reason why Tony Hadley left the band, and why he isn’t welcome back

"Spandau Ballet is stronger than just one member."

Spandau Ballet have said that former frontman Tony Hadley isn’t welcome to return to the band after quitting earlier this year.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, remaining members Martin Kemp, Gary Kemp, Steve Norman and John Keeble confirmed that the band would continue to exist without Hadley and that they are currently seeking a replacement.

According to guitarist Gary Kemp, Hadley broke the news to his bandmates two years ago, when the group were in Hong Kong wrapping up their last world tour. “He didn’t want to do it anymore,” Kemp explained. “As far as he was concerned he just wanted to do his solo work.”


Asked if the door would be open for Tony to return, drummer Keeble answered immediately, “no”. See the interview below:

Kemp revealed that the band had considered splitting when they received the news, but continued because they didn’t wish to let down fans. “It wasn’t so much a shame for me that the band was going to split up at that point and lose Tony, it was a shame for the audience. And also, all the people that had put in the investment and the fans that have followed the band all those years.”

Keeble remarked, “Spandau Ballet is stronger than just one member,” and told the show, “We are now looking to move on and use this as an opportunity to get someone better. Someone better than me!”

Hadley announced his split from the band over Twitter back in July. At the time, Spandau Ballet expressed their “frustration” at Hadley’s desire to leave, and admitted that 2015 was “the last time we were able to perform or work with him.”