Spanish rapper Pablo Hasel arrested for “glorifying terrorism” after police storm university

The rapper had locked himself inside the University of Lleida to avoid jail time

Pablo Hasel, a rapper from Spain, has been arrested for “glorifying terrorism” over tweets and lyrics that attacked the country’s monarchy and police.

Hasel had barricaded himself inside the University of Lleida to avoid capture, but Catalan police broke in and apprehended him a day after he arrived.

The rapper is facing a nine-month prison sentence for lyrics and tweets that are said to glorify terrorism and slander the Spanish monarchy and police force. The capture at the University came after Hasel was due to turn himself in last week but failed to do so.

As the BBC report, Hasel shouted “they will never silence us; death to the fascist state” as he was dragged away from the building he had been hiding in by police.

See footage from the police’s entrance at the University below.

In tweets sent early this morning (February 16), Hasel wrote that the message may be “the last thing I write before I am incarcerated…” adding that he would go to prison “with my head held high.”

“We cannot allow them to dictate what we can say, what we can feel or what we can do,” he added. See the tweets in Spanish below.

A petition to grant Hasel release from prison was signed by more than 200 artists, including film director Pedro Almodóvar and Hollywood star Javier Bardem.

In the wake of his arrest, Amnesty International said that the news was “terrible news for the freedom of expression in Spain,” calling it an “absolute outrage”.

The petition for Hasel’s release was upheld by a Spanish court on Monday (February 15).