Spector: ‘We didn’t necessarily expect there to be a second album’ – watch

Singer Fred MacPherson discusses new LP in Great Escape video

Spector singer Fred MacPherson discusses the band’s precarious transition between their 2012 debut and its as-yet-untitled follow-up in a new NME video interview.

Speaking to NME at The Great Escape, MacPherson details the band’s progression from ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ to their as-yet-untitled second album, which will feature the singles ‘Don’t Make Me Try’, ‘All the Sad Young Men’ and ‘Bad Boyfriend’.

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“I don’t think we ever necessarily thought there would be a second album,” MacPherson says. “We’re starting to really enjoy making music and performing music, rather than the bits that go around that.”

He goes on to say, “Our personalities the first time round were quite antagonistic. Not that those sides aren’t still there, but now we want to communicate with our fans in a more honest way. We want to have in our songs some grain of truth and reality and beauty and joy.”

Watch the full video interview below.

‘Bad Boyfriend’, which will be released on June 8, follows previous single ‘All The Sad Young Men’. It is the third song to be taken from the forthcoming follow up to Spector’s 2012 debut album ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’. 

Of that track, frontman Fred Macpherson said: “‘All The Sad Young Men’ is one of the tracks that took us the longest to get right because of how much it meant to us. I’m pretty sure it’s the best song we’ve written, and its honesty plays a big part in that.”

Late last year Spector unveiled ‘Don’t Make Me Try’ – the first track to be taken from their as-yet-untitled forthcoming second album. That track was produced by Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange.


Since releasing the first Spector album, MacPherson also recorded backing vocals for Mutya Keisha Siobhan‘s debut single ‘Flatline’ – the first output from the original Sugababes line-up.

Release details for Spector’s second album are yet to be announced.