The legendary band's classic rockumentary 'This Is Spinal Tap' is to be re-released - and a tour is in the pipeline...

Spinal Tap are making a comeback in the US with ROB REINER‘s 1984 movie ‘THIS IS SPINAL TAP’ being re-released – and a tour looking increasingly likely.

A date is expected to be confirmed soon for Los Angeles House Of Blues, with further live appearances possible, to coincide with MGM‘s re-release of the legendary spoof rockumentary ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ on DVD and video.

The revamped version will include an extra hour of material that was edited out, and the sound will be remixed. The film has been unavailable in America for several years.


According to US showbiz magazine Variety, the movie will tour cinemas in the States in September to promote the release of the video. It also reports that channel VH1 will host a Spinal Tap special with the band playing live.

The Spinal Tap website – [url=]www.mgm.com/spinaltap/ – has the new trailer and the original cinema trailer of the film, clips and outtakes and a forum where fans can post their favourite quotes.

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