‘Spinal Tap’ star Michael McKean in a critical condition after being hit by a car

Actor suffered multiple injuries including a broken leg and facial lacerations

Spinal Tap star Michael McKean is in a critical condition in hospital after being hit by a car yesterday (May 23).

The actor, who is 64, suffered multiple injuries including a broken leg and facial lacerations when he was hit by a car while walking to a theatre in New York.

McKean is currently starring in Broadway play The Best Man and was en route to perform when he was hit. Two other people were also hurt in the accident, reports the New York Post.


The actor, who played rock singer David St Hubbins in the classic 1984 spoof This is Spinal Tap, is now being treated for his injuries in hospital, but is expected to recover.

McKean’s condition does seem to be improving as he found time to tweet a thank you for all the messages of support he’s been receiving from his hospital bed, writing: “Lucky man: best wife, great kids, awesome docs and nurses, priceless friends; a little overwhelmed by the sweet tweets.”

A close friend producer Jeffrey Richards also revealed that McKean had joked to him when he went to visit: “We always tell each other to break a leg in this business. I never thought it would happen to me this way!”

Richards also revealed that it was the first time McKean had failed to attend a performance, adding: “I have worked with Michael on three previous productions and he has never missed a performance, and I understand from his team that he has never missed a performance in his career. This is the kind of first we are reluctant to announce.”