Brody Dalle admits to ‘acrimonious’ Distillers split

Watch a video interview with the Spinnerette frontwoman now

Brody Dalle has claimed that her previous band The Distillers badly disintegrated after the group burnt itself out.

Speaking in an NME.COM video which you can watch below, the singer who now fronts Spinnerette, said she was the glad the group ended when it did – as the split was particularly acrimonious.

“We collapsed and disintegrated, we imploded and told each other to fuck off,” she explained. “It was the end of an era, it was time to let it go. Everyone was tired and burnt out and we just didn’t have any more manpower. We just couldn’t keep it going.”


She added: “It was a good thing because everyone got to go and do their own thing…it was pretty acrimonious, pretty bitter.”

Watch the full interview now:

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