Spinnerette play first ever UK gig at Shockwaves NME Awards show

The Chapman Family and Future Of The Left also play raucous sets

Brody Dalle‘s new band Spinnerette played their debut UK gig last night (February 23), at London‘s O2 Islington Academy.

The gig was part of the series of Shockwaves NME Awards shows.

Coming onstage shortly after 9:30pm (GMT), Spinnerette played a 14-song set to an ecstatic crowd. The band were in a jokey mood before the show, with Brody Dalle telling NME.COM that they had been downing shots of Jäger and vodka to calm their nerves.


The set saw Dalle sing without a guitar for the most part. It was a role she clearly enjoyed as she spent much of the gig walking around the stage, reaching out to fans and – on several occasions – crawling on the floor.

Wearing tight black jeans, heels and a T-shirt, she introduced ‘Cupid’ to the crowd by saying “This song is about fucking your man!”

Although Spinnerette‘s album isn’t due out until May, many fans in the audience knew the words to songs from the band’s recent ‘Ghetto Love’ EP.

Spinnerette played the following songs:

‘Valium Kights’


‘Bury My Heart’


‘All Babes Are Wolves’



‘Sex Bomb’

‘Driving Song’

‘Rebellious Palpitations’

‘Spectral Suspension’

‘Prescription For Mankind’

‘Distorting A Code’


‘Ghetto Love’

Earlier in the evening, Future Of The Left played a raucous set that saw them preview a host of new songs. When some members of the crowd started heckling them, the band answered back with a barrage of comedic put-downs. Singer Andy Falkous later ‘dedicated’ ‘The Hope That House Built’ to one of the fans in question, saying: “This song is definitely to you and your fucking finger. Try not to get it caught in a door.”

Future Of The Left played:

‘Arming Eritrea’

‘Land Of My Farmers’

‘Small Bones Small Bodies’


‘You Need Satan More Than He Needs You’

‘The Hope That House Built’

‘My Gymnastic Past’


The Chapman Family kicked off proceedings, coming onstage at around 7:30pm (GMT). The Middlesbrough four-piece showcased their forthcoming album by playing a well-received, frenzied set that culminated with frontman Kingsley Chapman ripping the strings from his guitar with a drumstick and then smashing the instrument – base first – on the stage floor.

The Chapman Family played:

‘Something I Can’t Get Out’

‘You Do Something’

‘Sound Of The Radio’



‘Million Dollars’