Spiritualized’s Jason Pierce ‘not interested’ in reforming Spacemen 3

Pierce adds that he's working on a new Spiritualized album

Spiritualized‘s Jason Pierce has quashed rumours that his former band Spacemen 3 are set to reunite.

Pierce explained that relations between him and Peter Kember, who he co-founded the band with in 1982, are still hostile following their 1991 split. Pierce also told The Sun that he’d recently been asked to reform the band to play an ATP festival, an offer which he said he “wasn’t interested” in pursuing.

“The split was so acrimonious and my view of him hasn’t changed,” Pierce explained, adding: “No, I’ve not mellowed about him.”

He went on to reveal more details of the new Spiritualized album, which could be released in 2010, saying: “We’re recording at the moment. I want to say it will be out next year but I don’t know yet. But it sounds great, really great.”

The group’s last album was 2008’s ‘Songs In A&E’.

Spiritualized‘s reissued box set version of 1997 album ‘Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space’ was released on Monday (November 30).