Spiritualized’s Jason Pierce to resurrect ‘Spaceshipp’

Pierce and Matthew Shipp to play in London on Monday (April 20)

Spiritualized‘s Jason Pierce has revealed that he and musician Matthew Shipp, who play together at the London Southbank Centre on Monday (April 20), will resurrect their 2008 album ‘Spaceshipp’ as the basis of their improvised performance.

The star told NME.COM that the pair would use the album as a basic platform for the show, but would still be improvising a lot of the music.

“We’ve got the very basic idea of that we’re gonna base it around the studio recordings of that piece [‘Spaceshipp’],” he said. “He’s [Shipp] amazingly gifted and its like he’s in a different world.

“I talk about Spiritualized being free-form and improvisatory, and it is, but it’s still hung around songs, based on something that’s a recognisable from.

“But the record we made, we went into Abbey Road studios (in north-west London) and what we came up with was almost the opposite of free jazz, this intense drone piece, and not like an opiated drone, but a drone that gets inside your head and stays there, and that’s always a great thing in music or whatever you do, to find something that you didn’t expect.”

See Southbankcentre.co.uk for more information.