Jason Pierce left close to death after serious illness...

[url=]SPIRITUALIZED mainman JASON PIERCE is recovering after an illness left him close to death.

The star, who recently completed work on the band’s new album, is now at home after spending a lengthy time in intensive care for an as-yet-unspecified illness.

But in a posting on the band official website [url=]spiritualized.com, his partner Juliette says he is on the mend, but admitted that Pierce’s life was in serious danger during his spell in hospital.


The message reads: “So nearly dying twice in the last 2 and half weeks Jason has now and fantastically made an alarming and brilliant recovery and is due home today.

”He is still fragile and really weak weighing in at maybe 8 stone but love and happiness on his side. Weirdly he is still Jason though.

”No thoughts about how lucky he is just mentioned how mad it is that his record is written almost like he was ill before.

”Not that he’s into esp and stuff just in the most beautiful way.

”Love to all and everyone who sent him get well wishes cos he needed it and must have heard it and thankfully he’s here and back and coming home.”