Jason Pierce describes filming 'Do It All Over Again' as a "mindfuck"...


mainman JASON PIERCE risked life and limb to shoot the video for his next single ‘DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN’ which is slated for release in the UK in February, 2002.

Shot over two days last week in and around Cape Town, South Africa, the video included perilous scenes featuring Pierce slung in a stretcher beneath a helicopter that at one stage flew low over Koeberg, the coastal power station outside Cape Town.

The exact storyline of the video is being kept under wraps, but sources suggest that Jason plays the role of an alien landing on Planet Earth.

Most of the second day of the video shoot was spent filming scenes with Pierce slung beneath a black Jet Ranger ‘copter especially kitted out with sophisticated filming gadgetry and a number of state of the art cameras. Strapped onto a stretcher suspended ten metres below the chopper, Pierce spent the scenes singing while eyeballing a camera directly above his head.

Crew say that although there was a stunt double on standby throughout the shoot, Pierce preferred to risk his own neck.

“He was totally focussed and didn’t look scared,” said a cameraman. “But I overheard him say that he would never have managed had he not been synching ‘Do It All Over Again’ which he was listening to through headphones.”

Interviewed soon after the flight Pierce was unfussed. “It’s all in a day’s work,” he said, “But not the kind I want to do again in a hurry. It was a mindfuck,” he added.

Permission to shoot the helicopter scenes was denied by UK authorities. “We then investigated the possibility of shooting in Cape Town and found guys willing to do it,” explained Pierce. “I had to sign a whole bunch of waivers before they’d take off though.” One of the emergency procedures put in place demanded that any payload hanging from the aircraft be instantly jettisoned if it flew into difficulties.

The first day of shooting outside Cape Town at the Elgin Country Club was far less life threatening. One scene found Pierce lying on a bed dressed in jeans and a T-shirt starring up at the ceiling where a fan whips the air, aping ‘Apocalypse Now’.