'Let It Come Down' will be available in a unique plastic box which features a specially commissioned sculpture...

SPIRITUALIZED have unveiled the unique packaging for their new album exclusively to NME.COM.

Fans have been awaiting the latest CD case following the band’s previous, bizarre packaging for albums. Spiritualized‘s 1995 album ‘Pure Phase’ came in an illuminous plastic case, while the infamous packaging for ‘Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space’ included a pharmaceutical blister pack.

The CD case for Spiritualized‘s new album ‘Let It Come Down’ continues the band’s tradition of unusual packaging.


Released through Spaceman Records/Arista on September 17, ‘Let It Come Down’ will be available in a unique plastic box, which features a specially commissioned sculpture by celebrated artist Don Brown. The sculpture, which is the face of Don Brown’s wife Yoko in relief, is embossed into the surface of the box creating an unusual optical effect. Inside the box is a wallet containing a gold CD. The design is a collaboration between Spiritualized‘s Jason Pierce and Farrow Design.


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