Seems that Jason Pierce would like to strip things down a little...

SPIRITUALIZED‘s future recordings will have a more “live” sound as opposed to “great recordings”, according to vocalist JASON PIERCE.

As previously revealed to NME.COM, Pierce streamlined his group to include just seven members, discounting his brass section altogether.

Now, speaking in an interview published on the official Spiritualized website, www.spiritualized.com , Pierce said that he is enjoying the process of being able to “document recordings” with his new band.

He commented: “Spiritualized has always been primarily a live band, and I’ll tour (‘Let It Come Down’ until the money runs out. That’s what I enjoy doing most. As to where we’re going musically, what we’re tending to do is document recordings.

“The band that we’ve assembled at the moment is absolutely phenomenal. For the first time in a long time we’ve got people who are genuinely able to listen before they contribute, and contribute to the way other people play. And it’s been about documenting that sound, and the sound of people playing, rather than trying to create great recordings from assembling the parts – we’re recording a lot more live stuff.”

Pierce said that collaboration with other musicians, such as a recent studio session with Spring Heel Jack, has rejuvenated him.

He continued: “Last weekend I got invited by John Cox and Ashley Wales of Spring Heel Jack to perform guitar on their album, which was with people like Hann Bennig, and Evan Parker, and a lot of people making improvised jazz music. And I guess that’s been something else, that’s been something completely outside of my way of playing, and I learnt so much from that that’s going to inform a lot of the way we’re going.”