Jason Pierce decides to "shake the thing up a bit" again...

[/a]’s JASON PIERCE has described his decision to fire the horn section of his band as a bid to get back to a “leaner and rawer” sound.

Speaking exclusively to NME in Oslo a few dates into his European tour with his trimmed down seven-piece, Pierce said he had decided to “shake the thing up a bit.”

“It was to get back to the core of the excitement in the song,” he said. “There’s a kind of safety in numbers with a brass section. Without the horns it puts pressure back on everyone else to find a way to play the songs. It doesn’t make the sound any smaller. The volume of music is the same, it just means the guitars get louder. It was kind of rock’n’roll before, but there was so much of this free jazz thrown in as well. That’s still there, but things are a lot leaner and rawer now. Change is good.”

[a] had come under criticism from fans and critics for live shows last winter that were seen as overlong and self-indulgent. Pierce appears to have taken the opinions on board admitting that “part of the reason in having a horn section in the first place was, maybe, this romantic idea of being like the Duke Ellington band or the Charles Mingus band on the road.”

It is not the first time Pierce has made wholesale changes to his band. in the summer of 1999 he famously faxed the then members to tell them they were fired. The members, who had worked with Pierce on [/a]’s most celebrated album, 1997’s ‘Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space’, went on to form Lupine Howl.

[a] continue the UK leg of their tour at Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange tomorrow (March 2). The tour includes an NME 5.0 show at London’s Brixton Academy next week (March 8).

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The band are then taking off for a US tour in April. It looks, at the moment, that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club will support.

You can read the full interview with Jason Pierce in next week’s NME (March 9) in shops in London from Tuesday (March 5) and throughout the UK from the following day.