Spiritualized’s Jason Pierce: ‘Festivals are the death of art’

Frontman also hits out at glory-hunting bands

Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce has described music festivals as “the death of art”.

Speaking to Drowned In Sound, the singer says, “Festivals are the death of [art]. And they’ve gotten straighter as the years have gone on too. They’re less about drugs and rock and roll now. They’re more about community.”

Pierce says: “I know everyone has started thinking that [festivals are] the way you see bands now, but I’ve always said bands are the least important part of a festival.”

He continues: “Yet bands, in their wisdom still soak up the glory, like they’re worth THIS many people. Or worse, when you get those awful singalongs, and a band’s ego kicks in when the crowd sings their words back. It’s as if they’re standing on stage thinking ‘This is what we’re worth’ and really the audience would sing ‘We’ll Meet Again’ if it was playing.”

Pierce also spoke about his plans for his next album, the follow-up to this year’s ‘Sweet Heart, Sweet Light’, saying he’s been influenced by the improvisational performances he’s seen at London’s Café Oto. “I want to do something freer,” he says, adding that the album is likely to be more collaborative and hinting at a possible collaboration with Thurston Moore.