Rumours that Jason Pierce has scrapped the LP and sacked his band are "bollocks", apparently...

JASON PIERCE has finished recording the new Spiritualized album and is about to start mixing the as-yet-untitled release – despite widespread rumours that he’d sacked his latest band and had scrapped all his new recordings to date.

A spokesperson said Pierce had been mixing the album in London’s Abbey Road studios since last month (June) – and revealed the sound was “massive” and once again featured an orchestra and a choir.

Pierce is now apparently in the process of having a month off to reflect on his work so far, then re-enter the studio and hopefully have the whole package completed by the end of October. The album will then come out early 2001, though a single may appear by the end of the year.


Commenting on rumours of yet another split and supposed scrapping of work, the spokesperson said: “That’s complete bollocks. The album will not now be released this year, but that’s because Jason‘s a perfectionist and he’s not just got to get the music right, he’s got to plan the whole concept, packaging and everything.”

“What I’ve heard so far is absolutely blinding. It’s just a massive sound. It’s a huge orchestral sound, there’s gospel choirs, ordinary choirs, it’s just remarkable. But what’s really struck me is that is actually a pop record and you can really hear Jason‘s vocals this time.”

Read the full story in this week’s NME, out in London today (July 25) and the rest of the UK tomorrow.

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