Plus ex-members release first single in January...

JASON PIERCE has started recording the next Spiritualized album which is due out in summer next year.

He is working on the follow-up to 1998’s ‘Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space’ at London’s Air Studios, owned by Beatle‘s producer Sir George Martin.

Pierce is working with keyboard player Thighpaulsandra and saxophonist Ray Dickaty but the rest of the Spiritualized line-up is unknown. The singer sacked three members of the band – bassist Sean Cook, drummer Damon Reece and guitarist Mike Mooney – earlier this year.


Work on the album started at the beginning of the year at The Strongroom studios in Old Street, London, but, as yet, no demos have surfaced.

A Spiritualized spokesman said: “He always keeps his cards very close to his chest.

“He never plays anybody any demos and he only gets people like me involved when he feels the time is right.”

Meanwhile, Lupine Howl, the band made up of the sacked Spiritualized members, have completed ten songs for their forthcoming debut album and recorded more than 20 hours of music with Massive Attack.

Lupine Howl had planned on making their album with a number of guest singers and approached Portishead‘s Beth Gibbons and Catatonia singer Cerys Matthews, but have instead opted to use Cook‘s vocals.

The band are in talks with a number of labels over releasing the album.


The first release from Lupine Howl is the single, ‘Vaporizer’, which is out on January 10 next year through the band’s own Vinyl Hiss label. The single will contain two mixes of ‘Vaporizer’ and another track titled ‘Upon Entering A Mexican Cantina’.

Lupine Howl have described their collaboration with Massive Attack as “punky”. It is slated to appear on Massive‘s new album – their first without founder member Andrew ‘Mushroom’ Vowles – which is due out sometime in 2001.