Ex-Jason Pierce sidekicks return with new band called Lupine Howl...

The three members of Spiritualized sacked earlier this year by Jason Pierce have formed a new band and have been working on a new album with Massive Attack.

The band, Lupine Howl, release a single ‘Vaporizer’ on their own Vinyl Hiss label later next month. Their line-up features Mike Mooney, former guitarist with Spiritualized, former bassist Sean Cook and former drummer and percussionist Damon Reece.

The forthcoming single also features Portishead keyboard player John Baggart, although he is not a permanent fixture in their line-up. Cook and Mooney share vocal duties and Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci‘s Euros Childs lends guest vocals to one track on the forthcoming album.


The trio have also been working on Massive Attack‘s as-yet-untitled forthcoming album. Cook said Massive Attack‘s new album, was still in its very early stages but should be out next year. “We had a great time,” he said.

As for Lupine Howl, Cook said they had decided on the band’s name only ten minutes before they rang NME and described their output as “psychedelic soul – Atlantic soul with a mad Spencer Davis beat” with a touch of blues and Krautrock.

(The tape we heard in the office yesterday sounded a bit like The Black Crowes, as it happens-Ed)

Cook said none of them had spoken to former friend Pierce since he sent them letters of notice last July.

“We were just so disappointed about everything that went on. Relations had been getting steadily worse and they just deteriorated. Now we just avoid each other. It’s the same old story of the extras getting fuck-all and the stars getting everything.”

However, he said that in the end the trio “couldn’t be arsed” to fight Pierce back over his decision to sack them, and they didn’t have the funds to take any further action.


Cook said that after their debut single, the band would release two more singles and then the album in the first half of next year. “Jason‘s manager did ask me to rejoin Spiritualized, but I wouldn’t, not after everything’s that’s happened. I think he might be having some trouble replacing us. But we just want to get on with our own thing now,” Cook said.

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