Spiritualized tease new music with morse code clip

Their last album was 2012’s 'Sweet Heart Sweet Light'

Spiritualized have teased new music with a cryptic clip featuring morse code.

The band removed all previous content from their social media accounts last night, posting just the morse code video. They also changed their profile pictures to the band’s logo on an orange background.

The code seems to spell out ‘A Perfect Miracle’ – a song the band have previously performed back in 2012.


You can see the morse code clip below.

The band’s last album was 2012’s ‘Sweet Heart Sweet Light’. Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce previously said that a new album would be released in 2017 and that it would his last.

“I’m a lot older now and in a weird way I think it’s my last record. … I’ve already covered so much ground and already done a load of ideas,” he told The Independent. “There’s no point doing something unless it’s better than that. It’s mentally and physically such a taxing and demanding year or so, and there’s no point doing it unless it’s really something else. I’ve never bowed to pressure and done anything I’d considered a bad move artistically. And I won’t start for anybody.”

However, that album was never released. It’s rumoured this new music could mark Spiritualized’s last album.

Speaking of a Spaceman reunion, he said, “the argument that gets thrown at me is people didn’t see it first time. But there’s a whole history of mankind and I wasn’t there for most of it. Maybe I’m just stupid. I certainly need the money. Who doesn’t need that? Who couldn’t give half of it away if they did have it?”