Splashh announce “possible” indefinite hiatus

"It has come to the end of an era for us for now," the band announced on their social media platforms today (June 5)

Splashh have announced their intention to go on a “possible” indefinite hiatus, admitting that the decision marked “the end of an era” for the band.

The Anglo-Australian band, who formed in 2012 in London, finally released their sophomore album ‘Waiting A Lifetime’ last year – an LP which came four years after their 2013 debut ‘Comfort’. Splashh scrapped their proposed second record, ‘Honey + Salt’, in 2016 despite having finished recording it.

Splashh have today (June 5) announced that they will cease being an active band, with the group saying that they were going on a “possible” indefinite hiatus.


“It has come to the end of a era for us for now,” Splashh’s statement reads. “For the time being we will be taking a possible indefinite hiatus to focus on our own separate projects, it’s not to say one day we won’t make music together again as Splashh.

“We are still the best of friends.”

Splashh also said that they would soon be releasing the demos for ‘Waiting A Lifetime’ as a free download “so our fans can have something we think is special”. See their full post below.


Splashh’s final line-up consisted of frontman Sasha Carlson, guitarist Toto MacDonald, bassist Tom Beal and keyboardist Jaie Gonzales.