Sports Team are bringing forward the release of their debut album ‘Deep Down Happy’

It's coming real soon

Sports Team have announced that they’re bringing forward the release of their much-anticipated debut album, ‘Deep Down Happy’.

The record was originally due to be released on April 3 via Island Records but was pushed back until June 12. Now, it is being brought forward a week early to June 5.

In a tweet the band wrote: “Moving album to next Friday. Probably got enough cassettes by now I reckon.”


Speaking about the album previously, frontman Alex Rice said: “I don’t think we were conscious of doing it but the album maps the journey of moving in together in Harlesden, moving back to home towns to sleep on floors for 18 months, then coming back to London, weighing up whether being in a band with your mates, being young in London is still the best thing in the world. I think it probably is.”

The full tracklisting for ‘Deep Down Happy’ is as follows:

1. Lander
2. Here It Comes Again
3. Going Soft
4. Camel Crew
5. Long Hot Summer
6. Feels Like Fun
7. Here’s The Thing
8. The Races
9. Born Sugar
10. Fishing
11. Kutcher
12. Stations Of The Cross

At the end of last year, NME caught up with the band with Rice declaring: “The album’s going to number one!”

“I’d love to totally lose track and write this absolutely terrible album and be detached from reality,” joked the band’s guitarist Rob Knaggs.


“If I could just be incredibly rich and not understand what it meant to be a normal human being, I’d probably take that over playing [east London venue] the Old Blue Last ten times in a row.”

The band more recently joined IDLES and Pussy Riot to play new virtual festival Block By Blockwest, which took place inside popular video game Minecraft.