Spotify to launch music streaming service within Facebook?

New deal could bring the two online giants together

It is strongly rumoured that Spotify is set to be launched as a music streaming service within Facebook.

The new innovation would allow users of the social network to listen to music from the streaming service’s catalogue from within the same window. Forbes quotes sources “close to the deal” and reckons that the new service could launch within the next fortnight.

Under plans, a Spotify icon would appear on the left hand side of the newsfeed next to the regular photos and events icons. Clicking would install the programme and allow users to listen to songs from the 13 million-strong catalogue of songs, with the option of listening to tracks simultaneously with friends.

However, with licensing negotiations with labels still ongoing, the service would not be available to Facebook users in countries like the US, where Spotify is not available.

At this point Spotify chiefs would not comment on any deal, with a spokesperson saying: “We have a Facebook integration. We’re continuously working with them to make that as good as it can be. But that’s the extent of our relationship.” Co-founder Daniel Ek refused to comment.