Spotify lifts 10-hour listening limit for new users

The news comes after the music streaming site reveal their partnership with Facebook

Spotify will be lifting their 10 hours a month listening limit for new users, after revealing that it is partnering with Facebook on its new music features.

New sign-ups to Spotify‘s music streaming service will be able to listen to as much music as they want for free for their first six months of membership. After that, the service will revert to a maximum of 10 hours free, advert-supported music a month, with a five-play limit for individual songs.

Users who have been signed up to Spotify for less than six months will also have access to unlimited music until they have been a member for six months, but existing users who are signed up to the free service more than six months ago will still have a 10-hour cap on their listening.

Invites are also now no longer needed to sign up to Spotify in the United States.

Last week it was announced that Spotify, Rhapsody, SoundCloud, Earbits, Vevo, Slacker Radio and Songza have all joined forces with Facebook in a new initiative set up by the social networking site.

The new features will give users access to over 15 million songs, and will also allow them to see what tracks are trending on the site, as well as letting users share music with friends. The service is provided for free.

Spotify explain their involvement in the video below: