Spotify reveal mobile service details

Songs will be available to listen to on and offline

Spotify chiefs have unveiled the details of their forthcoming mobile phone service, that allows users to access the music streaming application on the go.

A video demonstration (which you can watch by clicking below) reveals that users will be able to listen to songs through the service while they are either on or off-line due to a synching facility on the application.

Users will also be able to drag songs from Spotify to their laptop to listen to on their phone, as well as using the normal Spotify search function on their mobile.

According to the video, first unveiled at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco yesterday (May 27), the service is still a “work in progress”, and a release date has not been revealed.

The phone being used in the video is an Android G1. It has not been revealed whether the service will be available on the Apple iPhone.

Watch the demonstration by clicking below.

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