Conservative Party launch ad campaign on Spotify

Tories become first UK political party to advertise on streaming service

The Conservative Party are set to launch an advertising campaign on Spotify.

A 40-second advert promoting the party will launch on Spotify next Wednesday (October 21), featuring chairman Eric Pickles talking about debt and with an additional message that Spotify users should vote Conservative during the next general election.

It is thought that the campaign is the first time a UK political party has advertised on Spotify, reports The Guardian.

The advert is within current political advertising rules, which state that parties are not allowed to advertise on TV or radio outside of the run-up to an election or party political broadcasts.

Shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt said that the party are excited about Spotify‘s advertising potential.

“The growth of Spotify in the UK has been phenomenal,” he explained. “We were particularly impressed with its advertising model and its potential for political campaigning.”