Spotify criticised for new ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Paying’ ad campaign

"Keep in mind that it takes 380,000 streams a month on Spotify for an artist to earn minimum wage"

Spotify have been criticised by artists and more for their new ad campaign.

The new campaign, titled ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Paying’, promotes a 30-day free trial for Spotify Premium, and a host of artists have lashed out at the campaign, pointing to low income revenue they receive from the streaming service.

Musician Blake Morgan was one of the most vocal critics, tweeting: “Keep in mind that it takes 380,000 streams a month on @Spotify for an artist to earn minimum wage.


“Meanwhile, the average @Spotify employee earns $14,000 a month. Nobody’s paying? We musicians are, with our lives.”

Amy Gardner of ECR Music Group also made her feelings known on Twitter, writing: “WTF @spotify!?! How did anyone in your company think this was a good idea?? #FAIL.”

Spotify have also been in the news for other reasons recently. It was revealed last month that the streaming giant is trying to claim back millions from publishers in a new royalties row.


The streaming service is currently involved in a legal appeal against a recent ruling by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB). The ruling agreed to increase streaming royalty rates for artists by 44%.

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