Spotify and Netflix could be blocked for UK users in Europe after Brexit

Streaming in Europe could be about to get harder

Streaming services including Spotify and Netflix could be blocked to British citizens in Europe after Brexit, the government has said.

As The Independent reports, ‘portability’ regulations in place since April mean that streaming services cannot discriminate between a user at home in the UK or travelling throughout the rest of Europe.

Newly-released government documents about the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit now suggest that the arrangement would “cease to apply” in the event of a no-deal Brexit.


“This means online content service providers will not be required or able to offer cross-border access to UK consumers under the EU Regulation,” the paper said. “UK consumers may see restrictions to their online content services when they temporarily visit the EU.”

However a Netflix spokesperson did tell The Independent that their service would still be available for travellers, but only the selection of programmes available in the country the user is in.

“UK Netflix subscribers are able to access Netflix everywhere in the world Netflix is available and will continue to do so once the UK leaves the EU,” they said.

Earlier this year, one of the UK’s leading music industry bodies warned of the potential effects of a bad Brexit deal.

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) says that a “strong” agreement with the EU is needed to ensure that the financial impact of  music imports and exports is not negatively impacted by Britain’s EU exit.


Meanwhile, in a recent interview with NME Suede described Brexit as “a tragedy for this country.”

“You’re always asked about it, and it’s incredibly boring talking about it – everyone’s really bored of it. I’m quite passionate about not leaving Europe, but I’m still quite bored about us talking about it,” the band’s Mat Osman said.