NME readers give their verdict on Spotify’s divisive music app changes

The company has streamlined the libraries of premium users

NME readers have given their verdict on the new changes made to Spotify‘s music app.

Earlier today (June 19) many users of the streaming platform reacted angrily after it unveiled a series of divisive changes on its mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The company has streamlined the libraries of Premium users so that they are able to simply swipe between new tabs to access Music and Podcasts.


The new music section is divided into Playlists, Artists and Albums, while the Podcast section hosts favourite shows and downloaded episodes.

Now a new poll has revealed that NME readers also aren’t happy with the changes with an overwhelming 71 per cent declaring the changes to be “crap” while a lowly 29 per cent said that the changes were “brilliant, so much better”.

Earlier, disgruntled users of the service complained that the new update included divisive changes – including the fact that the artist section only showing the artists that are followed by each premium account holder. In comparison, the older interface would show every artist in a user’s library.


Others, meanwhile, complained that the artists are shown in a random order.

“Why did Spotify have to go and ruin a perfectly fine layout? Where are my downloads?,” complained one user.

“Why are these now in a random order? What was the point of this change?”

Another complained: “The new Spotify app update is incredibly distressing, please no, I don’t like change.”

Announcing the change to the music section last week, Spotify said: “First things first: All your music is still here. And we’ve made finding and accessing the content you want even faster. A tap on the Music tab automatically drops you into your Playlists section, and the artists you follow and albums you’ve saved are just a swipe away. Pull down to quickly search, sort, and filter in any way you’d like.”

Spotify insist that they’re taking the feedback onboard.

“Hey! Sorry to hear you’re not enjoying the new look. The changes make it easier to navigate and find the music you love. We’ve taken your feedback on board,  Let us know if anything else comes up,” they told one user.

NME has contacted Spotify for further comment.