Spotify’s AI DJ launches in UK and Ireland

It blends the platform's personalisation technology with new AI aspects

Spotify has launched its AI DJ across the UK and Ireland this week, which recognises your listening habits and suggests new songs for you using artificial intelligence.

The concept was first announced by Spotify back in February, when it unveiled its DJ feature, and described it as a “personalised AI guide that knows you and your music taste so well that it can choose what to play for you”.

Now, in an update shared yesterday (May 16), developers at the streaming platform have confirmed more details on the AI DJ feature and confirmed that it has been launched in the UK and Ireland.


According to a blog update, the feature is all about “connection and discovery”, and runs through a combination of Spotify’s personalisation technology and OpenAI technology in the hands of its onboard music experts. It also features a dynamic voice for the host/DJ, also created using artificial intelligence.

The blog also describes how users will be served songs and context geared towards their individual preferences. For instance, if an artist they listen to regularly were to announce a new album, they would be informed of this by the host, and played the latest singles taken from the upcoming release.

Credit: Alamy Stock Photo.

According to the developers, the decision to roll out the feature in the UK and Ireland was decided following the demand in these locations. “When we were deciding where to offer DJ next, the U.K. and Ireland just made sense,” the update read. “We have a team of local music experts on the ground in the region, and it’s where some of DJ’s fundamental technology has been developed.”

Continuing, it added: “We also know there’s demand: While we’ve seen fans across the globe asking for DJ, it was most commonly requested by users on social media in the U.K. and Ireland.”

It also shared statistics, highlighting the listening habits of users that incorporated the AI DJ into their routine. This includes the results that Spotify account holders proved more willing to listen to something new when using the DJ feature, and that 87 per cent of DJ users were either Gen Z or Millennials.


Spotify’s DJ feature is currently rolling out in beta and will be available for all Premium users.

In other Spotify news, back in February, the streaming platform became the first to reach over 200million paying customers, marking a 14 per cent increase from data recorded in 2021. It also had an additional 295million listeners using its free version.

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