Radiohead between-song raps plundered for Spunkle single...

Radiohead have made an unexpected appearance on the new single by Oxford synth-experimenters SPUNKLE All Stars.

The band have been sampled from a rare early performance at Oxford’s Jericho Tavern in December 1992 where they performed covers of GLEN CAMPBELL‘s ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’, THE BEATLES‘Money’ and their own interpretation of ‘Hooked On Classics’ – a medley of classical favourites set to a disco beat.

The SPU.N.K.L.E single ‘Where Will You Be This Christmas?’ (out on Shifty Disco) focuses particularly on THOM YORKE‘s between-song banter, including Thom saying: “And now, to further our argument that pop is dead…” before he launches into the ‘Hooked On Classics’-style instrumental.


A spokeswoman for Radiohead told NME: “We get calls every day about people doing Radiohead stuff in one way or another. Honestly, they’re really not bothered.”

The performance was part of a series of concerts, where up-and-coming Oxford bands perform covers of old songs.

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Click here to see them doing ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’. Click here to see them doing ‘Money’.

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